T-shirt sleeve as a toddler scarf

Last week, the fabulous Jennifer from http://www.playmemamacrafts.com dropped off some spare fabric scraps.
Today D and I finally had some time to go through it. Well, okay, we were getting ready to go out and D was looking in the bag while I was getting everything together.


D pulled out a t-shirt sleeve.


Because everyone laughs when D walks around with his hat over his eyes, he tried that joke with the sleeve. Admit it. You chuckled.


Then he pulled it down.


Check it out: a t-shirt scarf. Solves my worries about using a long scarf. If I get over my laziness, I may decorate a few even!


About Butterfly Tree

I love fabric. So much, that I hate to see it wasting away in a closet, or to see clothing / linens about to be tossed out because they have a stain or a tear. My designs are my way of rescuing that fabric and turning it into something to be cherished.
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One Response to T-shirt sleeve as a toddler scarf

  1. Jennifer says:

    Love it! That is a fantastic idea and I always have lots of sleeves left after the capes get made…perhaps you will have to decorate up a few!

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