Teabag Bath

D loves bathtime. It’s a favourite activity, as I mentioned earlier in my post about boat-making. The thing is, he Really Really likes “fizzy ball baths” (bath bombs). Those get expensive quickly and his holiday present supply ran out recently. So bathtime became preluded with mournful whining. Until!
I was having a cup of tea and realised it had that slightly dusty flavour indicitave of being around too long. It still gave the water a pretty colour though …
I threw a couple bags in the bath last night


It made for a mix of purple, blue, and pink. Unfortunately once D got in the bath he squeezed the teabags until they broke. Very messy.

Tonight my clever husband thought to do this:


Oh. In case you’d like to make this colour mix too, this was the tea:



About Butterfly Tree

I love fabric. So much, that I hate to see it wasting away in a closet, or to see clothing / linens about to be tossed out because they have a stain or a tear. My designs are my way of rescuing that fabric and turning it into something to be cherished.
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2 Responses to Teabag Bath

  1. Jennifer says:

    I have a both bomb recipe…it is super easy to make them and pretty affordable. Tea bags is a fantastic idea, bet it smells nice and is really calming.

  2. becaloo says:

    Great idea! Pretty, swirly colours that smell nice and are cheap as anything.

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